Thursday, July 9, 2009

School Arson, Illegal Fireworks Pose Challenge For Joint Fire-Police Task Force On July 4th

Fire and law enforcement agencies in Elk Grove arrested a man on charges of possessing a large quantity of illegal fireworks, cited three juveniles for setting a dumpster afire and extinguished an arson-caused fire at an Elk Grove school during the July 4th holiday period.

The Cosumnes Community Services District (CSD) Fire Department and Elk Grove Police Department are asking citizens for information about a fire that caused moderate damage to an outside wall July 2 at the Elliott Ranch Elementary School cafeteria, 10000 East Taron Drive, in the Stone Lake area of Elk Grove., CA.

Overall, CSD fire investigators and police responded to about 135 fireworks-related incidents, 106 of them in Elk Grove and 29 in Galt. Ninety-two of them occurred in Elk Grove on Saturday, July 4. All told, authorities seized about 300 pounds of illegal fireworks from dozens of locations. Firefighters extinguished a total of five fireworks-related fires.

"I believe our joint task force was successful in getting some of the illegal fireworks off the street and hopefully prevented some fires from occurring," said CSD Fire Marshal George Apple.

On July 4, police officers arrested Johnny Chuong, 20, of Rancho Cordova, on charges that included possession of illegal fireworks with a combined weight of 25 pounds, said Officer Christopher Trim, a spokesman for the Elk Grove Police Department. Police stopped the vehicle Chuong was driving for a vehicle code violation, learned he was on searchable probation and found the fireworks in the vehicle’s trunk. Basically, all aerial fireworks devices are illegal in California.

Three juveniles were cited on arson-related charges after a dumpster fire on 2nd Avenue in Elk Grove.

The arson fire at the Elliott Ranch Elementary School and the other blazes in grass and garbage cans involved legal "Safe and Sane" fireworks.

If anyone has information regarding the arson fire at the school, please call the arson tip line at 916-405-7118.

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