Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Vehicle Roll Over Ejects Passenger Over Freeway Sound Wall

This afternoon the Sacramento Fire Department responded to a single vehicle accident on South Bound 99 just north of Mack Road. Prior to our arrival a second call came in for an “unknown medical aid” at 7305 Berna Way, which is located on the opposite side of the sound wall adjacent to where the accident was reported.

Firefighters arrived on the freeway and found the single vehicle that had major damage and had obviously rolled over. There were no victims in or near the car. The Firefighters that responded to the Berna Way call found two victims in the backyard. These were the two occupants of the car.

The female passenger had been ejected from the car and thrown up and over the sound wall which is about 12 feet high. She landed in a tree in the backyard of the Berna Way home. The tree actually cushioned her fall, which enabled her to survive. The male driver was not ejected, but he also suffered serious injuries.

The California Highway Patrol is investigating this accident. Firefighters from the Sacramento Metro Fire District also responded.

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