Thursday, April 23, 2009

Murder From Last Year Solved

The Sacramento Police Department's Homicide Unit has arrested Hung Truong for the murder of Hung Nguyen.
On Friday, January 11, 2008, at approximately 10:04 p.m., Hung Nguyen was loitering in the area of the A & A Market, located at 6645 Stockton Boulevard. Nguyen was found in the parking lot of the strip mall, unconscious and bleeding from a wound to his head. A piece of cement was located near Nguyen covered with blood. He was transported to U.C. Davis Medical Center and passed away five days later.

Homicide detectives took over the investigation. Sergeant Elmer Marzan, who was at the time a patrol officer in this neighborhood, assisted in identifying the victim, witnesses, and a possible suspect. Based on the investigation, detectives believe that Hung Truong and Hung Nguyen had been together just prior to the victim being found and had previously had verbal arguments. Detectives believe that an altercation occurred and Truong used a piece of cement and struck Nguyen in the head which later resulted in his death.

On April 23, 2009, at 8:30 a.m., Sacramento Police SWAT team members and Homicide Detectives arrested Hung Truong at Las Palmas Avenue near Fairbanks without incident.

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