Friday, April 3, 2009

Metro Arson Unit Arrests Man For Starting Fire In Care Facility

At 3:03pm Metro Fire arrived at 505 M street in Rio Linda to encounter a fire in a residential care facility. The fire in the living room involved a foam stuffed sofa and window blinds. The fire was controlled by one fire sprinkler head. If not for the sprinkler system in the facility we could possibly be dealing with multiple fatalities. At 3:49 hours Fire Investigators arrived on scene and conducted witness and suspect interviews. According to witnesses, the suspect was observed flicking matches at a resident as well as within the living room. One resident received minor burns as a result of the actions of the suspect. The suspect, an adult male, was placed under arrest by the Investigators and transported to the Main Jail. He was charged with violations of Penal Code Sections 245 (a) 1, assault with a deadly weapon (other than a firearm) and PC 451 (b) arson to an occupied dwelling.

Metro Fires arson unit is a 24hr unit that investigates all fires. They track down arsonists and bring them to justice.

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