Tuesday, April 28, 2009

County And City Of Sacramento Office Of Emergency Services Encourages The Public To Call 2-1-1 For Swine Flu Information

Sacramento County Public Health is receiving hundreds of calls from concerned residents. The County and City of Sacramento encourage all residents to call 2-1-1
(or 1-800-500-4931) for all non-emergency questions and concerns about swine flu. Callers will speak with a live 2-1-1 representative who can answer questions and provide information about swine flu.

2-1-1 Sacramento is the region’s primary place for 24/7, free community health and disaster information. 2-1-1 Sacramento is working in partnership with the Sacramento Office of Emergency Services (OES) to provide current information about swine flu, especially in the Sacramento area.

If you are showing symptoms of illness and need non-emergency medical attention you should consult your physician.

Sacramento County Health Officer Dr. Glennah Trochet continues to recommend that you:

Stay at home when you are sick with flu-like illness which means a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher, experience achiness, a sore throat and/or cough;

Cover your cough or sneeze by using your sleeve or a tissue;

Wash your hands frequently to prevent spreading illness.

More information on swine flu can be found at www.scph.com . Twitter users can sign up to receive periodic messages and advisories at www.Twitter.com/SacPublicHealth.

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