Tuesday, February 24, 2009

With 5.5 Million Visits To City Parks And Recreational Facilities Last Year, Park Safety Rangers Continue To Make Each Visit Safe And Memorable

Last year alone, the City’s 200-plus parks and recreational facilities received approximately 5.5 million visits from Sacramento residents and others who participated in recreational activities, celebrated life-events, and enjoyed the company of family and friends. The Department’s Park Safety Rangers were responsible for ensuring that each one of those 5.5 million visits was memorable, in line with City ordinances, and safe for all.

The Park Safety Services unit was established in 1995. Park Safety Rangers are responsible for patrolling City parks, bike trails, community centers, and aquatic facilities. They also enforce City ordinances, protect wildlife areas, interpret rules and regulations, and provide assistance to park-goers and facility-users. Rangers are able to successfully carry out these responsibilities by working collaboratively with the Sacramento Police Department, the County Rangers, and numerous other agencies.

In 2008, the Park Safety Services unit recorded the following statistics:

Overall visits by individuals to City parks and recreational facilities – Approx. 5.5 million
Number of park/facility checks by Park Safety Rangers – 13,000
Number of direct citizen contacts – 35,000
Number of calls for service – 3,500
Number of requests for support during special events – 150
Number of felony apprehensions – 50
Number of citations/tickets issued – 800 (infractions); 100 (misdemeanors)

In this new year, as in years past, Park Safety Rangers will continue to make each visit to a City park or recreational facility safe and memorable.

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