Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jai Chen Released From Custody

The California Highway Patrol (CHP), South Sacramento Area, office is continuing its investigation of a fatal collision that occurred on January 31, 2009, south on State Route 99, north of Grantline Road.

As you are aware, the preliminary information obtained by officers in the early stages of the investigation lead them to believe that a street race may have occurred, leading to the high-speed collision in which a passenger was fatally injured and the errant vehicle torn in two. Based upon that information, Jai Hui Chen, the driver of the involved Honda Civic, was arrested and booked for Vehicular Manslaughter, a felony.

The CHP, with the help of the media, has identified several witnesses that have provided additional information in the case. The totality of information now available has lead investigators to believe that the manner in which Chen lost control of the Honda was not due to a street race, but still involved a high rate of speed.

Upon gathering all of the information to date, the CHP has consulted with the Sacramento Office of the District Attorney. Their recommendation was to release Chen from custody and upon completion of the entire investigation, seek a warrant for appropriate charges at that time.

If anyone has information regarding this collision, please contact the Sacramento Communications Center at (916) 861-1300.

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