Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Door To Door Solicitors

Recently, several residents of the city of Auburn have called Auburn Police Department to complain of solicitors attempting to sell them magazine subscriptions or vacuum cleaners at their residences. Some of the complainants have indicated the solicitors were pushy and rude.

On 2-10-09 at approximately 1830 hours, because of complaints by residents in the area, Auburn Police Department officers made contact with a group of suspected solicitors in the area of Auburn Folsom Rd and Herdal Dr to confirm they were properly licensed to solicit within the City of Auburn. An identity check of the subjects confirmed one of the subjects had 80 outstanding warrants out of North Carolina and one out of El Dorado County California. Information collected from North Carolina revealed the 80 outstanding warrants were related to the fraudulent selling of magazine subscriptions. The Subject was subsequently arrested and booked into Placer County Jail for the outstanding warrants.

The Auburn Police Department would like to advise our citizens of ways to protect themselves from the possibility of falling victim to these types of crimes with the following information.

Businesses wishing to do business in the City of Auburn via the solicitation process MUST obtain a business license from the city and register as a solicitor. Each individual solicitor is required to provide VALID identification, submit their “Pitch” in writing, and identify the item they are selling. Additionally “Solicitors permits” are issued for specific days and times and are only good during those issued times. Once a permit has been issued, EACH solicitor is issued a copy of their own individual business license, which they are required to keep in their possession while soliciting and present to residents being solicited and law enforcement officers.

The Auburn Police Department is recommending our citizens ask for the proper City of Auburn documentation from a solicitor if they are contacted by them at their residence. If the person fails to provide or does not have the required City of Auburn documentation, the Auburn Police Department asks that you call the department to report the solicitor.

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