Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Automobile Vs. Bicycle Collision Claims Citrus Heights Man

At approximately 5:40 P.M. this afternoon, a silver Dodge pick-up driven by Justin Marsh, age 36 of Roseville, CA collided with a Hispanic male adult riding a bicycle. The bicyclist sustained fatal injuries and was declared deceased at the collision scene.

According to several witnesses at the scene, the bicyclist had been riding his bicycle on the sidewalk of southbound Riverside Boulevard from Cirby Avenue in Roseville. The bicyclist (age 22 of Citrus Heights, CA, name withheld pending notification of kin) was riding a black and green mountain bike. The bike was not equipped with a forward light and the rider was not wearing a helmet. Witnesses state that the cyclist was crossing the on-ramp from Riverside Boulevard to westbound I-80 at an angle and outside the marked crosswalk when he collided with the silver Dodge that had just entered the on-ramp from southbound Riverside Boulevard. The cyclist was ejected from the bicycle and collided with the windshield of the pick-up before coming to rest on the roadway. The pickup continued forward, colliding with a traffic control signal and coming to rest. Roseville Police and CHP units arrived shortly thereafter along with Roseville Fire Department. The Placer County Coroner’s Office and Placer Law Enforcement Chaplaincy were requested and responded to the scene. The area of the collision scene is currently under construction and City of Roseville engineers responded to the scene. Traffic lights at the intersection were affected due to the damage to the traffic lights, but only traffic on the on-ramp was affected. The on-ramp was closed for over one hour for investigation. Auburn CHP units are handling the collision investigation.

“This situation is an unfortunate but clear example of the benefit of using safety equipment while riding a bicycle, especially at dawn or dusk. The use of a helmet, reflective clothing and proper lighting equipment could have possibly helped to prevent a collision such as this. Bottom line: Helmets save lives.” related CHP Auburn spokesman Dave Montijo. “The CHP reminds bicycle riders of all ages to use a properly-fitted helmet, proper lighting equipment, wear reflective clothing and obey all traffic rules when riding a bicycle.”

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