Sunday, January 18, 2009

Search And Rescue

On 1/17/09 at 9:30pm, the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office received a report of two missing 16 year old boys in the Mormon Emigrant Trail Rd area, South of Jenkinson Reservoir.

According to the reporting party, the boys were in the area for a family camping trip from Elk Grove. The boys took two quad-runners out for a short ride at 4 pm and never returned. The Sheriff’s Office immediately started a full-scale search and rescue involving approximately 30 volunteers and other personnel from CHP Air Station Auburn, and the U.S. Forest Service. Units searched through the night, but were unsuccessful in locating the boys.

On 1/18/09 at 10:30 am, one of the boys flagged down a passing vehicle on North/South Rd, after hearing the helicopter involved in the search for them. Using information obtained from the rescued boy, search units were able to locate the other boy and he was flown out by CHP helicopter. Both boys were examined by medical personnel, treated for exposure and released to family.

According to the boys, the two had driven into an area of heavy snow and became hopelessly stuck. It was soon dark and the two built a shelter and a small fire and waited through the night. In the morning, they heard a helicopter and the one boy hiked to high ground in an attempt to flag down the helicopter. Once on high ground, the boy heard a vehicle just over the hill from his location and was able to make his way to the road and flag down the passing vehicle.

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