Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Police Use Surveillance Cameras On City Streets

Sacramento City Council Member Sandy Sheedy has provided funding to the Sacramento Police Department to install three surveillance cameras to deter crime on Del Paso Boulevard.

The Sacramento Police Department was approached by Council Member Sheedy about the possibility of providing surveillance cameras along the Del Paso Boulevard corridor. Council Member Sheedy provided the funding for the infrastructure of this program. The Sacramento Police Department has installed surveillance cameras along Del Paso Boulevard at Forrest Street, at Fairfield Street, and at El Camino Avenue.

The surveillance cameras will be used primarily to record activity near businesses, along the streets, and will be reviewed for potential evidence if a crime occurs. The police department respects the privacy concerns of individuals and has taken measures to exclude private residences from being recorded that are not under investigation.

The Police Department has had great success in apprehending suspects caught on surveillance cameras committing crimes. We believe that the additional measure of closed circuit surveillance cameras on Del Paso Boulevard will be another tool to help prevent crime in the area.

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