Friday, January 9, 2009

Grand Opening For Metro Fires New Station 29

On Saturday January 10th 2009, from 10am until 12 noon the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District is hosting an open house at our newest Fire Station located at 8681Greenback lane in Orangevale. The old station 29 located on Hickory ave was used as a temporary station since 1964.

The opening of Station 29 is the latest completed component of the Fire Station Replacement Program approved by the Board of Directors on March 19, 2003. This plan will result in the construction of 8 new fire stations within a period of approximately ten years. Station 29 is the fourth new fire station to be completed under this plan. The Fire Station Replacement Program actively addresses a number of deficiencies such as age, condition, lack of size and storage capabilities within existing fire stations. Another important objective of the program is to improve emergency response to the District's citizens while utilizing existing District resources more efficiently. A final objective of the program is to maintain a secure and accountable fiscal approach to the District's present and future emergency response needs.

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