Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shooting Into Occupied Building

On December 27, 2008 at approximately 0451 hours, a Citrus Heights officer was on routine patrol in the area of Greenback Lane and Auburn Boulevard. The officer heard the sounds of gunshots coming from the area of the 7-11 store located at 6170 Auburn Boulevard. The officer drove to the area and saw a gray pick-up truck driving away from the store. The officer followed the truck and called for assistance. The clerk from the store called the Citrus Heights Police Dispatch Center and reported bullets had just been fired into the store.

The suspects drove into Carmichael and were stopped by Citrus Heights Police Department and Sacramento Sheriff’s Department personnel. Further investigation revealed the two male suspects had attempted to steal beer from the store at approximately 0444 hours but were stopped by the clerk who recovered the beer as the subjects fled the area.

The attack resulted in a broken window and damage to fixtures inside the store. There were no injuries which resulted from the shooting.

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