Friday, December 5, 2008

Lincoln Police Department Hosting Special Presentation At Lincoln High School

On December 8th at 10:45 AM, The Lincoln Police Department will be hosting Driving It Home helping teen & adult drivers make safer driving decisions at Lincoln High School.

Driving it Home is presented by Elk Grove Police Department Community Service Officer Misty Dailey. Misty’s program has been so successful in reducing fatal accidents involving teen drivers that she is currently on loan to the Sacramento County District Attorneys Office. With special permission from the district attorney’s office, Misty will be presenting Driving it Home for the first time in Placer County.

Driving it Home gets student drivers involved with the consequences of driving to fast and driving impaired with hands on displays and actual video footage. Since the start of this impactful program, Misty has not had a student who attended her presentation involved in a fatal traffic collision as a result of their driving.

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