Friday, December 5, 2008

Homeowner Arrested For Animal Neglect

On Thursday, December 4, 2008 at approximately 7:53 am, the police department received a call to the 300 block of Catterline Way from neighbors concerned that animals had been left behind when residents moved out of the home.

Officers arrived on scene and found two dogs in the backyard, 2 birds inside the home and a small dog chained to the sliding glass door. There was an empty outside water bowl that was extremely dirty with algae. The backyard lacked shelter or bedding for the dogs that were left outside. Inside the residence officers found two large parrots in separate cages surrounded by their own feces. Dirty water and very little food were inside the cages. Also inside the residence was a small dachshund that was chained to the sliding glass door. The dachshund was surrounded by several days’ worth of feces and urine. A single watering bowl was found with very little dirty water. Empty dog food bags were inside, but no food was found. The three dogs were determined by animal control to underweight and malnourished. All of the animals were taken into custody by Sacramento County Animal Control.

Neighbors told officers they believed the occupants had moved out and possibly left the animals behind. They recall only seeing one person stop by the residence two times within the last month.

Officers contacted the homeowner, Mhdhomam Uyoun, 36 years old, by telephone and had him return to the Folsom residence. Uyoun was arrested for misdemeanor animal cruelty. Yyoun waived his rights of ownership of all the animals making them eligible for potential adoption. The animals are currently housed in the Sacramento County Animal Shelter located at 4290 Bradshaw Road in Sacramento.

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